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We seek a world in which each child will be better protected from senseless pain and unnecessary hardship but if they are damaged or disadvantaged by an unsafe environment or the selfish or destructive acts of others, they will receive support, instruction and encouragement to enable them to reestablish their emotional balance and achieve a greater sense of self-confidence and self-control.

The simple, straightforward approach of our book series is not intended to trivialize the seriousness of potentially-painful events. As experienced professionals who care greatly about children’s needs, the authors attempt to shed light on topics that have remained in too much darkness. This book for children is designed to present a specific sensitive subject, surface relevant issues, and open the door for appropriately-detailed, supportive adult/child dialogue.

The authors sincerely hope this effort can validate the feelings of and illuminate alternative constructive thoughts and behaviors for children who might be struggling. We also hope this book can help caring adults reach out and open doors to children's hearts that may have slammed shut in a natural response to serious and in some cases sustained, emotional trauma.

Remember that each child has a different interest in and capacity to deal with the facts and choices of a given situation. Some might need a bit more time, love or support to benefit from the factual approach taken in this book. Please be sensitive to where "your" child is in the shock/grief/adjustment process. Don't force them to accept truths faster than they are ready to. Generally speaking, they need to be able to adjust to a new reality at their own pace.


These books emphasize healing not hurting, so please consider the appropriate time, location and manner in which sensitive topics like this should be introduced to an innocent child. Please act in harmony with what is in their immediate and long-term best interests. Many people are able to find the comfort, guidance, understanding and encouragement they need from trusted friends or immediate and extended family members. Others benefit greatly from working with reputable mental health or medical professionals. Like many things in life, one size usually does not fit all.

Note: The ideas, observations and options shared in these books are general information and do not constitute medical or psychological assessment, guidance, counseling, treatment or clinical recommendations of any kind. The material may be unsuitable for some children with special needs, a history of trauma or who may have been diagnosed with a condition that could be triggered by this type of candid conversation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the advisability of initiating this kind of discussion or the best time or way to proceed, please contact qualified medical and/or psychological counseling clinicians for guidance for your specific situation.